Koen Geelen

  • Lawyer administrative, liability, insurance law
  • Colleague since 1990
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Koen Geelen specializes in liability and insurance law, as well as in administrative law. More specifically, he handles issues regarding environmental permits, soil contamination, environmental and urban planning criminal law, civil servants law and medical law. In these matters, he assists individuals, companies, insurers and authorities in proceedings or by providing advice.

Koen Geelen has a law degree (Catholic University of Leuven, 1985). He began his professional career as assistant researcher in contract and liability law at the Catholic University of Leuven (1985-1990). He was sworn in as a lawyer on 1 September 1985, and is a member of the Limburg and Antwerp bar.

A partner at Monard Law since 1990, Koen Geelen speaks and writes regularly on matters related to liability and insurance law as well as administrative law. He is co-author of the case-law review relating to tort liability in the 1980 T.P.R (Private Law Journal). In 1992, he was the opening speaker of the judicial year in Hasselt and spoke about the assessment of the attitude of the executive branch by the judiciary.


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