Administrative Law

Administrative Law

Our administrative law specialists deal with questions from all branches of general constitutional and administrative law. We have longstanding experience in representing clients at regional, national, and European levels to ensure that your voices are heard by decision-makers. We play an active role, if required, in entering into dialogue and determining the best strategy to reach a complete solution.

Our clients are major players in the energy, chemical, manufacturing, transportation, and real estate industries. We also represent public authorities (government bodies at the national, regional and local level, as well as intermunicipal cooperatives) and private individuals. We have experience representing clients before most administrative courts, as well as in the often necessary preliminary administrative appeal procedures and before the civil courts.

Our areas of focus in administrative Law

  • Constitutional law and legislative technique: assistance in policy development, monitoring legislative developments, engaging in dialogue with policy developers, decision-makers and other stakeholders and, if necessary, challenging regulations before the Council of State or the Constitutional Court
  • Government liability: public law litigation on behalf of and against the various federal, Flemish and local public institutions, experience in the special rules on limitation periods for claims against the State
  • Assistance to local administrations: specialized advice and legal support for municipalities, OCMWs, provinces, intermunicipal cooperatives and autonomous municipal and provincial companies, including language law, administrative police, administrative supervision, organization of worship, management of municipal heritage, …
  • General principles of good administration, appeal procedures relating to openness of government
  • Expropriation law: legal guidance for expropriation decisions and their implementation, assistance in negotiations and procedures before the Justice of the Peace and the Council of State / Council for Permit Disputes
  • Energy law: administrative procedures concerning energy fraud, assistance in the development of green energy projects
  • Civil service law: assistance in disciplinary proceedings, preparation of decisions and representation in legal proceedings
  • Education law: drafting and screening various reasoned decisions, internal appeal procedures and procedures before the Council of State and the Council for disputes concerning study progress decisions
  • All kinds of authorizations and permits, e.g. permits for assisted living facilities, recognition of healthcare practitioners, authorization of insurance agents, port authority decisions, , …
  • Local and regional taxes and retributions, e.g. plan benefit tax, activation tax, vacancy and dilapidation tax, …
  • Support in the recovery of grants and subsidies
  • see also the topic about environmental law.

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