Environmental Law

Environmental Law

Our clients are major players in the energy, chemical, manufacturing, transportation, and real estate industries. We understand that running a business successfully implies balancing environmental issues and business operational needs. Our environmental lawyers are known for their practical solutions that protect clients’ rights in order to advance their commercial interests.

We also represent public authorities (government bodies at the national, regional and local level, as well as intermunicipal cooperatives) and private individuals. We have extensive experience representing clients before administrative courts, as well as in the preliminary administrative procedures and before the civil and criminal courts.

  • Assistance and legal guidance to classified establishments or activities concerning the applicable environmental law and the general or special environmental permit conditions applying to the establishment (DABM, VLAREM II and VLAREM III).
  • Assistance and legal guidance in connection with waste regulations (Materialendecreet, VLAREMA and EU legislation).
  • Assistance and legal guidance relating to soil legislation (Bodemdecreet and VLAREBO), including soil liabilities when transferring risk-bearing land (also in the context of M&A), support in large soil cases, meetings and negotiations with the soil remediation expert and the Public Waste Agency of Flanders (OVAM) and all kinds of legal proceedings, both administrative, civil and criminal.
  • Assistance and legal guidance regarding Seveso regulations, including safety reports.
  • Advice and assistance regarding to spatial planning
  • Assistance and legal guidance in connection with all kinds of environmental permits and authorisations or environmental enforcement
  • Specialised advice and legal support for municipalities, provinces, intermunicipal cooperatives and autonomous municipal and provincial companies, including environmental law and urbanism and spatial planning

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