Public Procurement and Concessions

Public Procurement and Concessions

Our experts take care of your questions on all aspects of public procurement and concessions. On a national and international level and in multiple sectors, we have significant experience in representing private as well as public clients to ensure a satisfactory outcome in every public procurement or concessions matter. We assist our clients during every step of the way in public procurement and concessions matters.

Our clients are major and smaller companies in several sectors, covering construction, infrastructure, health care, IT, aviation and education industries. We also represent public authorities at the national, regional and local level, as well as intermunicipal cooperatives or other contracting authorities.

We have longstanding experience representing our clients before civil courts and the Council of State, as well as during negotiations towards amicable settlements.


Our areas of focus in public procurement and concessions

  • In public procurement for works, goods or services, our team assist public authorities with, among other aspects, general advice on public procurement and the application of public procurement legislation (and its exceptions), strategies concerning new procurement matters, fully handling procurement procedures and assistance in case of claims before civil courts and the Council of State, as well as settlement negotiations.
  • In public procurement for works, goods or services, our team assists private clients with general advice on public procurement, analysis of tender documents, drafting of risk matrices, Q&A procedures, assistance in submitting offers and review of the regularity, review of awarding decisions and potential legal proceedings.
  • Our team is experienced in all types of concessions, including public domain concessions, concessions for works and services. Our assistance covers all steps during the such procedures up to and including the awarding decisions.
  • Our experience also covers awarding procedures that are similar to public procurement, but fall outside the scope of public procurement or concessions legislation, such as contracts backed by grants or subsidies, real estate transactions involving contacting authorities, ground handling services at national airports, etc.

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