Data Protection & Privacy

Data Protection & Privacy

With the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in force since May 2018 and the ever-evolving data privacy landscape in Europe, data controllers and processors and companies and institutions face numerous compliance challenges.

The Monard Law Data Protection and Privacy team has been there from the get go. Our lawyers are passionate about all things related to personal data and have broad experience in advising how to best (not) use such data. Our lawyers are renowned for their expert approach to data protection and privacy, from advising on compliance to swift legal actions in case of breaches or representing clients before the Data Protection Authority.


Our areas of focus in Data Protection & Privacy

  • Agreements with Processors (drafting, updating, reviewing)
  • Analyzing parties’ roles in complex collaborations
  • Data Breach Response team and Action Plans
  • Claim Prevention
  • Data Protection Officer (external monitoring and follow up)
  • GDPR Compliance (audit, assessment, planning, implementation, and monitoring)
  • Privacy-related Belgian laws and European regulations
  • Privacy-related EU legislative proposals and directives (NIS Directive, e-Privacy Regulation proposal, …)
  • Litigation
  • Preparing, updating, reviewing and drafting: information security policies, register for processing activities, data breach policies, data protection impact assessments, balancing tests, cookie policies, privacy policies (for customers, employees and applicants) etc.

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