Criminal law & defence in criminal cases

Criminal law & defence in criminal cases

At Monard Law, a dedicated and experienced team of lawyers guides and supports both companies and individuals who are facing criminal charges, or are victims of criminal acts. Mutual trust, specialization and a pragmatic hands-on approach are the guiding principles here.

Since the various team members focus on specific aspects of criminal law (e.g. tax criminal law, labor/social criminal law, financial criminal law, common criminal law, criminal procedural law, …) and they can also rely on the extensive expertise of Monard Law colleagues who are specialized in the subfields of law within which any infringement has occurred, the specialized criminal law assistance and defense covers all areas of (corporate) criminal law.

In particular, our expertise includes assessing the risks of criminal investigations and mitigating the far-reaching consequences that such investigations can bring. We will guide and support you during the whole process of criminal proceedings. When prosecution does occur, we will guide and support you during the whole prosecution and defend you vigorously to secure the best possible outcome. We also have a particular experience in conducting negotiations and achieving settlements with judicial authorities to avoid or to stop such prosecution. We are also happy to assist you in drawing up crisis communications (if necessary in close consultation with communications specialists).

In addition, you can also contact us for assistance in fraud prevention and for advice on compliance with money laundering legislation (including determining when reports to the authorities are appropriate). We are also happy to take audits and internal investigations to prevent fraud to heart, and we will be happy to provide training to your employees in order to detect fraud within your company or from your company’s customers. Our corporate crime prevention strategies can protect your company from internal financial fraud, employee misconduct, conduct and financial violations, and unauthorized data theft.


Our specific areas of focus in Fraud, White-collar Defense & Investigations

  • Assistance in criminal investigations and prosecutions and defense before judicial and administrative authorities;
  • Determination of criminal responsibility of companies and their directors;
  • Assistance in criminal prosecution of tax, financial, economic and property crimes (including money laundering, organization of fraudulent insolvency, bankruptcy, abuse of corporate assets, forgery, corruption, insider trading);
  • Assistance in criminal prosecution of social law offences in Belgian and international labor and social security law
  • Advice and assistance on compliance and on fraud prevention/fraud detection;

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