Monard Law proud to be chosen as legal partner for the start-ups by Start It@KBC

Monard Law proud to be chosen as legal partner for the start-ups by Start It@KBC

Monard Law proud to be chosen as legal partner for the start-ups by Start It@KBC

Monard Law is legal partner of Start It@KBC. On a monthly basis, more than 10 attorneys of Monard Law are present at the different locations of Start It@KBC in Antwerp, Brussels, Gent, Hasselt, Courtrai and Louvain. Start It@KBC is the largest incubator for start-ups in Belgium (

These consultations with specialists of Monard Law provide start-ups with answers to all their legal questions: what’s the most suitable form of incorporation? Which forms of cooperation exist between shareholders and/or initial inventors? How can their ideas and concepts be legally protected? How to engage personnel? These are just samples of questions, start-ups receive pragmatic, on the spot guidelines from our experts. For complex issues the firm provide more in depth advice. The attorneys of Monard Law are acting as partners with the entrepreneurs and stand for a ‘pay it forward’ principle : namely sharing their expertise with starting entrepreneurs on no nonsense basis.

Jeroen Raskin, partner Monard Law and responsible for the Start It@KBC program : “This non-nonsense initiative gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to get professional, practical and specific advice from our legal experts. We organize our consultations in the locations of Start It@KBC close to the young entrepreneurs. Start-ups value this approach and experience a more direct way of dealing with attorneys.”

Lode Uytterschaut, founder of Start It@KBC : “The objective with Start It@KBC is to build the best breeding environment for our start-ups based on their needs.”

Co-founder Katrien Dewijngaert, continues : “Based on their inputs, we are looking for the right supporting partners. With these partners we negotiate and come to an agreement in order to guarantee that all the start-ups in our Start It@KBC program can benefit from their knowledge. We were able to agree partnerships with legal, fiscal and marketing partners and also with experts in coding, product development, international sales,…”

Our website is offering more details about the start-up team of Monard Law. It also details the calendar on the different locations of Start It@KBC. If you would like more information or you are in need of urgent advice, please do not hesitate to contact Jeroen Raskin, the responsible partner at

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