Start It @ KBC chooses Monard Law as legal partner for their startups

Start It @ KBC chooses Monard Law as legal partner for their startups

We assist your start-up in all legal matters from incorporation to exit.

In addition, we act as a sounding board by challenging you on the most important strategic decisions. And we open up our broad network of clients and relations to you.

This is what we can do for your start-up

First line legal advice: you may contact us with any legal queries you have and we will discuss this with you and provide you with first hand legal advice at no cost. Which is the ideal form for your company? How to deal with typical founder arrangements? How can your business concept be protected? What to do when hiring staff? What should you think of when negotiating your proof of concept agreements? How to negotiate a term sheet with investors? And so on. Monard Law can assist you with all legal matters, from incorporation to exit.

Coffee: we are much more than just lawyers. We meet and advise entrepreneurs and business executives on a daily basis and have a very broad experience with acting as sounding board, asking the right questions and thinking about the best strategy to go about (legal and other) challenges. We would love to sit down with you for a coffee and learn more about your business.

Network: Whether you are looking for funds, customers or the right supplier, we have a very broad network of clients and commercial relationship and may well be able to bring you in touch with the right person or point you in the right direction. This is not a business model, but a way of executing our strong commitment to foster entrepreneurship.

Who to contact?

We have a dedicated Start-it @KBC team with experts operating across Belgium. You can contact one of the experts below directly.

Or contact our office and we’ll put you in touch with the right person.

Oh, and don’t worry, we don’t send invoices unless we explicitly agree on this beforehand 🙂

Looking for advice on a specific topic?

We will guide you to the right person or team.