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Legal update

  • The mandatory introduction of E-invoicing in Poland will take effect from February 1, 2026, but it is planned to be implemented in phases.
  • Phase 1: Companies with a turnover of more than PLN 200 million (+/- EUR 46.5 million) per year have been obliged to issue and receive electronic invoices via the KSeF platform since February 1, 2026.
  • Later phases: The obligation will also be extended to smaller businesses. According to the latest information from the Ministry of Finance, the obligation will take effect on April 1, 2026.


KSeF platform

  • The KSeF (Krajowy System eFaktur) is the national platform for E-invoicing in Poland.
  • All invoices falling within the scope of the obligation must be sent and received via the KSeF platform.
  • This platform offers various functionalities, including the generation, sending, receiving, and storing of E-invoices.



  • Companies subject to the obligation must register on the KSeF platform.
  • They must use compatible software to generate and process E-invoices.
  • The E-invoices must comply with Polish invoice requirements and KSeF specifications.


  • Non-compliance with the E50-invoicing regulations can result in fines of up to PLN 500,000 (+/- EUR 116,000).



  • Familiarize yourself with the legislation: Contact u us if you have any questions or require further clarification so that you can comply with the E-invoicing obligation.
  • Register on the KSeF platform in time:
  • Choose compatible software: There are various software solutions available that are compatible with the KSeF platform.
  • Test your software thoroughly: Make sure your software works properly before putting it into production.
  • Inform your trading partners: Let your trading partners know that you will be sending electronic invoices via the KSeF platform from the date of your obligation.

Helpful resources

Stay informed

The Polish tax authority regularly publishes updates on the E-invoicing regulations on its website and we will keep you updated. We recommend that you keep an eye on our website and newsletters for the latest information.


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