“Understand China, compete with China, but also collaborate with China.” – “了解中国-与中国竞争-并与中国合作”

“Understand China, compete with China, but also collaborate with China.” – “了解中国-与中国竞争-并与中国合作”

Monard Law is pleased to announce the launch of itsChina Deskas of today. The aim is to provide high quality legal services to our clients, whether Chinese or Belgians, by fostering mutual collaborations between two divergent legal systems.

With the arrival of Ms. Xiufang (Ava) Tu, a qualified Chinese and Belgian lawyer who has experienced both sides of the legal world, we would like to create a team of highly specialized and multilingual lawyers.

Ava Tu: “Being a lawyer who has received legal education and practiced in both countries, I am often frustrated to see how lack of understandings could undermine trust and jeopardize good projects. Our clients need legal specialists that could offer pragmatic local solutions”.

Karen Braeckmans, CEO of Monard Law: “We are very pleased with the arrival of Ava Tu and the launch of China Desk. Monard Law is extending its international network. China Desk will be added into our existing French, Poland and International Civil Service Desk. We aim at providing local top quality legal advices to our international clients”.




莫纳德律师事务所CEO Karen Braeckmans女士:“我们很欢迎涂秀芳律师的加入和中国业务部的成立。中国业务部将与法国业务部、波兰业务部以及国际机构服务业务部一起,继续扩展莫纳德律师事务所的国际网络。我们致力于向我们的国际客户提供本地最高质量的法律服务”。

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