Monard Law during Corona crisis accessible from 150 locations in Belgium

Monard Law during Corona crisis accessible from 150 locations in Belgium

Dear Reader

The coronavirus COVID-19 affects each and every one of us, our families, and our businesses. These events give rise to many legal questions, issues, and challenges, and we want to be there for you to continue to support you to the farthest extent possible and in the best way.

That is why we have adapted our operations in the past few days so that our teams can safely work from home. May we ask that you organise the scheduled meetings by telephone, via Skype, or Facetime, …, if possible. In this way, we can look out for your health and ours.

Even though we want to work digitally as much as possible, our permanence is certainly guaranteed at every one of our Monard Law offices (Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent, Hasselt, and Lommel). You can certainly come to our offices directly if you need to. We are thus completely up-and-running to ensure that you will receive you the best service from us, even at this time.

We are ready to serve you. Feel free to contact us as usual, using the common channels that you see fit.

In the past few days, we have already advised on a broad range of legal questions and issues on the coronavirus COVID-19 relating to the mandatory closures of businesses or operations, temporary unemployment issues, staff enquiries (leave of absence, working from home), cancellation of events, force majeure, cancellations of orders or deliveries, support measures for companies in financial difficulties, etc. You can certainly find more information on these in our Q&A on our LinkedIn page. Don’t forget to pay attention to our social media posts and our website for the latest updates.

We are also receiving information from courts and tribunals regularly. Some hearings are still scheduled, and others will be postponed. Don’t worry, we will inform you timely about your case.

Monard Law remains open, although digitally as much as possible.

Today, more than ever, we are confident that you can count on us.

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