Monard Law takes over the Belgian team of Kelley Drye & Warren

Monard Law takes over the Belgian team of Kelley Drye & Warren

With the arrival of this team of top specialists in Belgian and European employment law and their unique practice in international public law and diplomatic relations, Monard Law is strengthening its ranks.

Bert Theeuwes,partner at Kelley Drye & Warren, previously Managing Partner at Lorenz, and his team will join Monard Law in Brussels. Bert is active in social law and international public law. At Monard Law in Brussels he will lead the department of employment law. With his unique practice in international public law he will assist in further developing the internationalization of Monard Law.

Frédéric Dopagne, counsel at Kelley Drye & Warren, will also join Monard Law. Frédéric will be in charge of developing the practice of international public law and diplomatic relations at Monard Law. Next to his activities within the office, Frédéric will remain a lecturer at the UCL (University of Louvain) and a guest lecturer at the ULg (University of Liège) as well as at the Belgian Royal Military Academy.

Monard Law is very pleased to announce the acquisition of Bert Theeuwes and his team: “Bert Theeuwes and his team are very complementary to the current social law team at Monard Law. With the joining of Bert and his team, Monard Law now disposes of a team of more than 10 lawyers capable of handling every aspect of social law. We are very happy and proud that Bert and his team have decided to join Monard Law”, says Karen Braeckmans, CEO of Monard Law, “the new practice in international public law and the many international contacts that the team will bring with it, will further sustain the internationalization of Monard Law”. Newpartner Bert Theeuwes also reacts with a lot of enthusiasm: “Monard Law is very ambitious and that catches on. The recent growth and internationalization of the offices in Brussels combined with a tradition of quality and stability make Monard Law a unique platform on the Belgian market. I am very much looking forward to this new collaboration”.

With a team of more than 120 professionals, Monard Law guarantees a full service to its clients from its four strategic locations in Brussels, Antwerp, Hasselt and Ghent.

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