Extracts from the Crossroad Bank of Enterprises available in English

Extracts from the Crossroad Bank of Enterprises available in English

In Belgium, companies are registered by the Commercial Court and further details are then filed with the Crossroad Bank for Enterprises (Kruispuntbank van Ondernemingen KBO/Banque-Carrefour des Entreprises BCE.

After the notary has deposited the deed of incorporation of the Company at the Commercial Court, the company needs to be registered with the Crossroad Bank for Enterprises).

Upon registration, the business activity will be officially recognised as a commercial business. Registrations can be performed by any Company Desk (Ondernemingsloket/Guichet d’entreprises).

The application cost for a company number is a single price per site unit, established by the government. This fee currently stands at € 85.50 per unit (branch, site) for one-man businesses and companies alike. The fee is indexed on an annual basis.

The Crossroad Bank of Enterprises can issue an extract with all company details, which shows its activities and that the company is active.

Those extracts are now available in English, French, Dutch and German. Each extract can only be in one chosen language, therefore several extracts will be issued if several languages are needed.

The cost of each extract is € 14. Prices can vary according to the number of units of establishment which the Company has.

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