Monard Law Client Case Study – Daltix

Monard Law Client Case Study – Daltix

“Experienced, to the point, empathetic, reachable, and reliable.” This is how Jonas Deprez, co-founder and CEO of Daltix, describes Pieter Van den Broeck, corporate law specialist. Pieter has been assisting him ever since the very beginning of his business Daltix.

Daltix collects, analyses, and enriches retail data from online stores. By doing so, it brings valuable real-time insights to mainly three types of clients: retailers such as Colruyt, consumer goods producers such as Unilever, and third parties such as the Belgian consumer protection organisation Test-Aankoop. 

When Jonas was seeking his very first round of investment for his start-up, Pieter and his team played an important role in it. Together with Jonas, Monard Law was able to put the start-up on the right track from the first step. “Pieter helped us with the shareholders’ agreements, negotiations – you name it. In addition, he gave us valuable advice that prepared us for the important matters that were yet to come,” according to Jonas. 

“This relationship of trust is the reason I continue to work with Monard Law.”

Because Pieter was on board ever since the beginning, he got to know the business of Daltix very well early on. The cooperation between Daltix and Monard Law in various legal matters ran smoothly. Jonas did not have to think twice about continuing his partnership with Monard Law and decided to rely on the firm to handle all types of legal matters that Daltix would encounter. Jonas worked very closely with Pieter and his colleagues, including Lize Van Looy.  

As a full-service law firm, Monard Law has the right expert in-house for every issue. Jonas could call on Pieter and Lize, and Daltix and Monard Law would work together seamlessly. Jonas could ask them any question directly, and he could count on Monard Law’s delegation of it internally as needed, and in a time- and cost-efficient way. 

If you ask Jonas what he values most in the cooperation, his answer is that the Monard Law team constantly seeks solutions that are tailored to his business and that the team’s passion for the practice area comes from that focus and determination. 

When asked if Jonas has ever encountered any difficulties in his cooperation with Pieter and Lize, Jonas’s answer was an outright “No, absolutely not.” Well, that’s clear! Thank you for the motivating and comforting words, Jonas. The appreciation is mutual! We at Monard Law are extremely proud to have assisted you and Daltix for so many years.

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