KBC and Monard Law launch digital legal advice for companies via KBC Mobile and KBC Touch

KBC and Monard Law launch digital legal advice for companies via KBC Mobile and KBC Touch

Tax inspection, problems with an employee or checking a contract with a new supplier. Every entrepreneur is confronted with legal questions or urgencies that he wants to discuss directly with an expert. As of today, you can contact a Monard Law expert for professional advice via KBC Mobile or KBC Touch. You schedule a video meeting of 1 hour at a fixed rate.

The economic playing field has changed dramatically in recent months. Lockdowns, the persistent scarcity of some goods, raw materials and parts, changed consumer behaviour, online players pushing through on the market,… In this challenging environment, KBC is launching a number of new services that support entrepreneurs and allow them to focus on the right focus. .

As an entrepreneur, you sometimes want to consult with a legal expert in the field. Entrepreneurs can now obtain advice from a specialized lawyer from Monard Law in a fast and accessible manner via KBC Mobile or KBC Touch.

How does it work in concrete terms?

  • In the KBC customer portal via KBC Mobile or KBC Touch, the entrepreneur selects “Additional Services”, and then “Legal Advice”.
  • The entrepreneur will receive an explanation about the method of this offer.
  • The entrepreneur describes his request for advice and is given the opportunity to upload relevant attachments.
  • The entrepreneur chooses a day and time on which the consultation can preferably take place.
  • The entrepreneur pays a fixed price in advance for the consultation.
  • Monard Law sees who has submitted an application.
  • Monard Law contacts the entrepreneur and records the digital agreement.

“In a business community that is increasingly organizing itself digitally, we are absolutely convinced that more services must also offer a digital alternative. We are very pleased with this partnership with KBC, which is a real win-win. The digital KBC platforms have proven the trust and reliability for entrepreneurs. Monard Law, one of the largest law firms in Belgium, has been providing guidance and legal unburdening to entrepreneurs in their business activities for more than 30 years. Thanks to this collaboration, KBC can broaden its offering to its entrepreneurs and Monard Law will also be able to offer its services digitally.” – Karen Braeckmans, CEO of Monard Law.

Looking for advice on a specific topic?

We will guide you to the right person or team.