International Civil Service

International Civil Service

Well-versed in employment law, public international law and with extensive experience in the distinct field of international civil service law, we assist clients in this niche area of law on a wide range of issues.

We advise international organizations on policy issues, the revision of staff rules and other issues of international administrative law and assist and defend the interests of (groups of) international civil servants before international administrative tribunals and domestic courts on all issues related to their employment within an international organization.

  • Representation (defending international civil servants in class actions)
  • Internal Policy and Staff Regulations
  • Litigation (advising and representing international civil servants in national and international courts concerning all types of disputes relating to their employment)
  • International administrative issues (United Nations, NATO, the European Union, the African Union, the International Labor Organization, World Bank, the ACP Secretariat, the European Space Agency, the European Patent Office, the European External Action Service, Frontex, etc.)

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