Public International Law & Diplomatic Relations

Public International Law & Diplomatic Relations

The Public international law and diplomatic relations team has extensive experience in advising and representing sovereign States, international organizations high-ranking government officials, diplomatic missions, members of their staff, international civil servants, companies and non-governmental organizations.

We handle complex international law issues, conflicts between international law and local legislation, and we assist clients with day-to-day questions at the crossroads of international law and domestic legislation (such as contracts, seizures, employment, real estate or tax).

Thanks to a thorough experience and understanding of the nuances involved in an international dialogue, we defend the interests of our clients in a firm but discrete manner.

We counsel clients and represent them before domestic and international courts and tribunals including in arbitration proceedings.


Our areas of focus in Public International Law & Diplomatic Relations

  • Conflict of laws
  • International litigation and arbitration
  • Seizures (immunities, litigation, arbitration)
  • Employment matters (international civil service, compliance with local employment laws)
  • Real estate (sale, purchase, lease, construction)
  • Tax law

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