Litigation, Dispute Resolution & Arbitration

Litigation, Dispute Resolution & Arbitration

While companies should make every effort to avoid litigation, there are times when litigation is the only option left. Our litigators are committed to backing you every step of the way and to resolving your disputes.

Our lawyers are known to tackle a myriad of issues, helping you prevent disputes and lawsuits. You can rely on our creative, entrepreneurial thinking and concise, intelligent arguments that strive to obtain the most favourable outcomes for you and your business in and out of court.

Our areas of focus in Litigation, Dispute Resolution & Arbitration

  • Advising and guiding you in the right direction towards the most appropriate and efficient solution
  • Arbitration
  • Enforcement of judicial decisions, contracts, documents
  • Representing you in any national or international judicial or arbitral proceedings
  • Thinking with you about your disputes with the ultimate goal of relieving you of your worries
  • Working with you closely and sharing knowledge with you to gain optimal guidance through our multidisciplinary practices


Alternative dispute resolution

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) method with added value. It can help you to find a win-win solution to a conflict.

The team of multilingual accredited mediators at Monard Law and specialists from various branches of law are focused problem-solvers. As experienced mediators and litigators, we will guide you in resolving your dispute amicably or formally while focusing on the business relationship between the parties.


Our focus in Mediation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Acting impartially as an accredited mediator
  • Negotiating settlement conditions
  • Guiding parties towards finding a win-win solution to their conflict

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